Food for thought...

We're lucky enough to be working on some really exciting projects at the moment

In fact, I spent last week meeting with all sorts of people - some we know, some we're yet to start working with, and it got me thinking. One of the people I spoke with was the lovely Daphne Henning, who never fails to leave me with a nugget of wisdom to mull over. One of her favourite quotes is from Henry Ford - 'whether you think you can or you can't, you're right'. Is it me, or does that make you think? Are we guilty of being our own limiting factors in where we go in life, and in business? At our next Brand and Social Media Workshop in March, we'll be encouraging our guests to think big and be aspirational with the future of their business, and I think this quote is incredibly relevant. What inspires you to think big? And what's getting in the way from achieving your goals (and I'm talking about the things you only dare admit that you aspire to in the depths of your own mind)? We're going to do some big things this year. I dare you to join us in taking leaps of faith and reaping the benefits.

Image: The Voices in My Head