Come and introduce yourself: Starbucks say hello


I'm not really sure what the headline should be here;

while many marketing columns are going crazy for the fact that Starbucks are launching their new, stronger latte (which contains an extra shot of Fairtrade coffee and carefully steamed milk), I think that the noteworthy point from a marketing perspective is that from the 14th March, Starbucks will be writing your name on your takeaway cup, rather than the drink you've ordered. To celebrate their new approach, and to promote their new recipe latte, Starbucks are inviting you to pop in on the 14th, say hello and try their new latte for free. I've got to say that for me, I'm far more excited about buying a drink from someone who's taken the time to ask me for my name rather than one with extra caffeine in it. Service has become so impersonal; a small gesture such as actually asking your name will go a long way.