New in This Week: Brand Identity and Website for a Clinical Negligence Solicitor

It's been a while since I've shared any of the fruits of our labour with you, and it's about time I did. So, I'm proud to share with you a work-in-progress project for Michael Turner.

Introducing Michael Turner

Mike is someone I've known for several years now. He's a solicitor, mediator, part-time judge and all round superstar. There have been many times when Mike has offered me support, so I'm really pleased to be able to be helping him for a change. Mike specialises in clinical negligence; far from being a whiplash-lawyer, Mike works on cases of catastrophic injury and complex trauma cases (particularly with babies and young children) where his clients' lives have been turned upside down by some sort of injury or negligence. Most recently, he's been working with the Scotton family who were affected by severe negligence at the birth of their little boy, William. The case settled in the millions.

And the challenge?

Mike has been consulting for various law firms for years, and felt it was about time to build upon his own reputation. Having re-focussed at our January Brand Workshop, Mike asked us to help him develop his own brand.

The brief

Mike isn't like most solicitors. Unless he's in court, you'll never see him in a suit - and where possible, he takes his Golden Retriever puppy, Jack, to work with him. He's incredibly personable and has a very reassuring, pragmatic approach which immediately makes the seemingly insolvable feel less scary. Given his line of work, his clients are usually young families who desperately need reassurance that someone can help them get their lives back on track. The usual corporate solicitor colours (blues, greys, blacks) weren't going to be appropriate at all; we needed something with a bit of zing that maintained a feel of gravity and credibility. Here are some of our initial concepts:

Number one: Warm, approachable colours; the sage green communicates trust while the purple communicates quality and loyalty. Combination of serif and sans-serif typography to give both character and gravitas

Number two: Brighter shades of green and yellow teamed with a slate grey to communicate hope and strength. Serif fonts used to give a voice of authority, simple motif used to separate Mike's name from the 'solicitor' to show that he's about more than his job title. Lower case letters purposefully used for the 'solicitor' to give an approachable feel

Number three: A slightly more 'traditional' approach here - Purple conveys quality while the blues communicate a corporate, business-like identity. The full stop after 'solicitor' lends authority to the look. As the colour palette has a more serious feel, the typography is sans-serif and lower case to prevent it from feeling stuffy


I'm really pleased with Mike's choice with the branding; here's a sneak peek at the website which is currently being built:

I love the way that the colours are working with the image we've chosen for the homepage - and happily Mike was bowled over when we revealed the layout. A sign of good things to come! We're working alongside Katie and the Zoodikers team to develop Mike's brand, and Katie is working on a PR strategy which will help to raise Mike's profile and drive traffic to his site. Expect to see more on this as the project develops!