New in This Week: Brand Identity for Delicakes

My blog posts are rather like buses at the moment. You wait ages for one and then several come at once. Note to self: must do better.

Introducing Delicakes

Janet McKenner of Delicakes and I met through Twitter. In the market for someone to help her give her brand a bit of a makeover, Janet came across my Twitter account and, as they say, the rest was history. Janet makes incredible cakes for birthdays, weddings, christenings or any other sort of special occasion. These aren't just a nicely decorated cake, they're edible works of art. Janet has incredibly exacting standards, and rightly so - her brand is all about clean designs, delicious cakes and the decadence of having a gorgeous cake made especially for you.

And the challenge?

Janet's logo wasn't doing her any favours, and up until now she's not managed to find a designer who really 'gets' what she's about - so our mission was to create her a gorgeous visual identity and prove that when you find the right design studio, working with a design team is a piece of cake (sorry!).

The brief

This brief was right up our street. The majority of Janet's clients are women who are in the position of being able to afford the real luxury of a designer cake, so the brief was all about creating a pristine, polished identity which would exude feminine charm. Janet has the most brilliant strap line 'Once bitten, forever smitten' which lends itself so well to creating some really fun designs. On a practical side, Janet often uses different colour themes for weddings, christenings and birthdays, so whatever we designed had to work in multiple colours.

And so we got started. I had a crystal clear idea of what I wanted to achieve with the Delicakes branding, but to ensure I could communicate this to Janet and the rest of the Ditto team, I put together an online mood-board using my Pinterest account.

The mood board was met with enthusiasm from everyone, so we got cracking on the really fun part: the design. Here are some of our initial concepts:

Number one: Girlie and delicate with a handmade look. The handwritten font looks as though it's been iced, giving this concept a beautifully personal touch. The pinks convey femininity and give a clean, pristine look

Number two: The first roundel concept. Janet loved the pastel blue from the mood board and I love the combination of serif and upper case sans-serif typography which gives a vintage-inspired feel. The darker blue of the 'Delicakes' isn't quite right; I'd like to try this in a slate grey. Possibly the blues are too cold?

Number three: This beautifully quirky logo is just so kitsch. I love the unique typography and the kerning (space between the letters) is perfect. The delicate purples communicate quality which is absolutely right for this brand

Number four: We've developed the typography to build upon an existing font to create something totally unique. Janet has already said she's 'in love with the k' - and I totally know what she means. We've shown this logo in pinks, purples and blues which all work beautifully. Probably my favourite - although it's a close call!

We're yet to make a decision on this, so I'd love to hear your thoughts. Which is your favourite?

(All images are credited via my Pinterest account)