5 ways Pinterest can help shape your business brand

Have you come across Pinterest yet? It's the Next Big Thing in terms of social media platforms (rumour has it that the site attracted 17.8 million unique visitors in February); a place for you to gather together your inspirations, your favourite images, things you find funny... anything at all, really. I think it's best described as an online scrapbook or moodboard, and it's a fantastic way of quickly and easily gathering together your ideas. Browse the Pinboards of others who share your interests and you'll find endless inspiration. And of course because it's online, it's fantastically easy to share with other people which is a total bonus.

So how does it work?

It's ridiculously user-friendly. Set up your free account at Pinterest.com and you're away! You can add images, or 'pins' from the web or upload them via your computer. Create different Pinboards for different projects and categorise them so others can easily find them. You can even install a 'Pin it' button into your toolbar to make it really easy to add the things you find on the internet to one of your Pinboards.

Why should I Pin?

For me, Pinterest is a great way to collect ideas and share them with our team at Ditto, as well as our clients. If you're a business, it's a fantastic tool - here are 5 ways that your business can benefit from Pinning.

1) Make it easier to provide design briefs

Some people find it really easy to communicate their ideas when speaking to a designer. If you're not one of these people, Pinterest will be invaluable - all you have to do is create a Pinboard and email a link to share your vision. By providing the creative people who work with you with a really strong brief, you'll inevitably save time and money - and get much better return on your design spend.

2) Provide focus

If you feel that your brands visual identity is lacking focus, I can guarantee that spending a few minutes on Pinterest will help you to discover a distinctive style, saving you tonnes of time.

3) Get creative

Stuck in a bit of a rut? Seeing other people's posts will certainly help to get your creative juices flowing

4) Gain visibility

While Pinterest seems to be - for the moment at least - a largely social activity, there are lots of businesses using Pinterest. A photographer friend of mine recently added a Pin to one of her boards and got it seen by one of the creative team at Grazia magazine. This is of course invaluable exposure - and she had to do very little to get it.

5) Connect with prospects on a visual level

As inherently social beings, we love to share the things we love with other people - and we tend to gravitate towards those who share our interests. To this end, you can gain credibility and attract prospective customers simply by sharing the things which inspire and excite you.