The power of photography

Having hovering somewhere around the middle of my to-do list for more time than I care to mention, we finally commissioned a wonderful photographer to come and take some photos of team Ditto - and I'm so glad we have. As a fairly camera shy bunch, we've done what most businesses do and got by with alright-in-the-right-light photos for our website. And that was ok. But as we've raised our profile, we're being asked to submit photos of ourselves more and more. The newspaper want a photo to accompany my monthly piece, the West Kent Business Awards wanted a selection for the awards evening and associated literature, and maintaining an active social media profile requires decent photos too. The time had come where our montage of casual snaps on the 'meet the team' page of our website just wasn't cutting it any more (we were going for the 'endearing' look; how well we were pulling that off is up to you to decide!).

And so we hired Catherine

I met the wonderful Catherine Hill at a Breast Cancer Care event in Sevenoaks we were both supporting. She took some amazing photos at the event - lovely, relaxed shots that were incredibly flattering. A mutual friend put us in touch, and following a chat on the phone I knew Catherine would be perfect for us.

Having evangelised to our clients for sooo long about the importance of strong photography on their marketing material and websites, I do feel like a bit of a fraud - but Catherine's photos are so much more than great shots. She's captured the studio in such a great way - it looks exactly as I want it to - bright, airy, colourful and welcoming. I'm going to share her photos of us in my next blog post, but you can see from the photos here of the studio that she's done an amazing job. These photos have reinforced our brand message, communicating confidence and approachability. I'm really proud of them - what do you think?