The power of photography, continued...

I recently blogged about the fabulous Catherine Hill - a lovely, creative, patient and encouraging photographer who we've recently had the pleasure of working with. I've already shared with you a sprinkling of some of the shots she took of the studio - but of course, that's a piece of cake compared to the task of getting decent photos from a bunch of people who turn into nervous wrecks as soon as there's a camera in front of them. So as a testament to how good Catherine really is, I'd like to share some of the lovely photos she took of us all - and I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce the rest of the Ditto team, too.

This is me. If you've perused the Ditto blog before, you probably feel like we're old friends. I take care of most of our new clients at Ditto, and genuinely love that spark of excitement that I get from collaborating with our clients to kick-start a new branding or design projects. I've recently poured all of my branding knowledge into a workshop format which I deliver every few weeks, and get a huge amount of satisfaction from helping people to make sense of their brand and gain value from their visual identity. It's fun, it's creative and it involves really getting to know people. I love it.When I'm not working, I can almost always be found at the yard where my horse lives.

This is Derek. Derek started the business over 8 years ago following a long career as a freelance graphic designer working within the print industry. During his career, Derek's worked with brands such as Chanel, TGI Friday, American Express, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, the Royal Opera House and Crest Homes to name a few. A highly experienced designer, Derek is also a web designer and takes care of all our web projects. He's an inherent perfectionist and insists on everything being just so. Derek is a dedicated mac-lover, being one of the first designers in the UK to use one. When he's not at work, Derek likes to take his yellow labrador, Mike, on long walks in the Sevenoaks countryside with his wife.

And last but not least, meet Dan. Probably the most camera-shy out of all of us, Dan's much more at home behind the safety of his computer screen than in front of a camera. With a real flair for typography, Dan's incredibly talented at brand design and is able to translate the vaguest of briefs into stunning visuals. Far from being one of those preachy graphic design types who won't consider your ideas unless you're cool enough, Dan's a down to earth soul who's always happy to work with our clients to get what they want. The volume of referrals his work generates speaks for itself. Outside of work, Dan loves a good round of golf.

We're lucky enough to be supported by our book-keeper, accountant and a handful of other people who we couldn't live without - but they managed to escape the camera. So that's us! I do hope you like the photos. I'm really proud of them, and I can't wait to get them firmly installed in place on our website and various other places (another thing to add to the to-do list). And next time I preach to one of our clients about the importance of investing in fantastic photography to promote your business, I can do so with my head held high.