And next on the to-do list: time to write my first e-book

Time to focus (on our own business for a change!) - I've started on my first e-book. Another thing to add to the ever-growing list of demands - am I mad? Possibly. But I'm really excited about this! I really enjoyed putting together the workbook that accompanies our Branding workshops, and the feedback we get from the workbook is excellent. It's designed to give our clients a real insight into how to build a powerful brand for their business, and we know that it gives our clients the knowledge that they need on a real-business level (as opposed to the graphs, charts and theories that can be found in most of the business guides you can buy about branding, usually written by the ex marketing director of a huge blue chip, who benefitted from the time and budget afforded to you when you reside upon such a position - I'll stop ranting now...). As with everything we do at Ditto, it's our honest and genuine perspective, combined with the experience of having launched and promoted our own business, that drives the advice we give - and it's how we know that our approach really works. I want to help to inspire you and ask yourself the difficult questions about what truly goes on in your business and what you stand for. It's not easy - our workshop guests always tell us that taking an objective look at your business is tough - but they also tell us it's really worthwhile.

'Your brand awareness workshop was superb.  Getting us to get involved and write down what we think our business offers, who our customers are, our long term goals etc and then discussing was excellent as I really feel like it all went in.  I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop - I love Hannah’s relaxed, friendly and informative attitude’

Laura Gilmour, Synapse

We thrive on educating and motivating our clients to grow their business, so this is a natural step for us. I'm blogging about this because I'm really hoping that you'll support me with my new project! I'd love to know what challenges you face when you think about branding your business - what turns you off, what excites you and what do you need to know more about to help you make sense of branding and get it to work for you?