Design with ooomf: it's worth investing in classic, timeless work

Good design: ever wondered if it really makes a difference to your bottom line? Graphic designers have struggled in recent years, what with the advent of numerous easy-to-obtain software applications, to prove that their work is worth paying for. And of course, if you ask me, as one of the directors of a successful design studio, I'd say yes. But here's why:

Great design is incredibly powerful. It'll engage, inspire and connect with your target market. Classic design is memorable and will elevate your business from just one among a sea of similar commodities to one with unique character and promise.

Take the 'Keep calm and carry on' design (pictured above with yet another clever alternative slogan - and one that made me giggle). Ignore for a moment that the popularity of this poster has much to do with austerity measures and the nostalgia that comes from something born in more simple times and just think about the simplicity of the colours and typography. This is classic design; the sort which is replicated time and time again and inspires countless other design pieces. I'm not suggesting that you should rebrand your business with a war-time twist, but I am suggesting that classic, beautiful work is worth investing in. You'll find loads of design agencies who'll design you something consistent with the latest trends, and sometimes that's appropriate. But I urge you to give the design work you use to promote your business the time and money it needs to become something truly special, and put it in the hands of people who understand your long-term goals for your business. I promise it'll make a big difference to how your clients see you.

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