Designing for your own business: like banging your head against a brick wall

This afternoon, aided by several cups of tea and more than a couple of cookies, I've been working on formulating some new marketing items for Ditto. As someone who spends all day every day creating marketing pieces for our clients, you'd think that I'd be very well placed to whip something up in a matter of minutes for my own business. I wish.

Designing for your own business is hard

And so the value of working with someone just slightly removed from your own business has become startlingly evident. Often during discussions with our clients, I'm amazed at how quickly golden ideas just fall into our laps, and how incredibly pleased our clients are that they've finally hit upon the solution they've been searching for. Helping business owners come up with creative and effective marketing ideas isn't necessarily rocket science - it's simply taking a pragmatic approach to an objective and then letting the visual part work around that. And I tell you what, once I mentally took a step back and asked myself the same questions I'd ask a client when they hit a wall with putting a brief together, I got much further in the space of 5 minutes than I did all afternoon! Who do you turn to for help with marketing your business?