Inspired by: Beautifully tactile print finishes

If, like me, you're a bit of a magpie and are fascinated by shiny things, you'll love this

We've just added Embossini (embossing) and Opuleaf (gold or silver foil blocking) to our core print range. Both of these beautiful print finishes can really bring your marketing to life, giving a luxurious and exclusive feel to your brand.

Best used in a minimal way for maximum style, add a touch of decadence to your business cards with beautiful raised embossing (I'd show you a photo but it's really hard to photograph!) - or show off your flashy side with metallic gold or silver foiling. Just stunning. As the Sevenoaks studio, we're pleased to be able to offer half price Embossini business cards and showcards throughout October - just call us  in the studio on 01732 456944 for more information.

Please note: while we love the beautiful designs photographed above, these are not our work and have been supplied to us as samples.