In the press - twice!

We're becoming somewhat of a regular feature in the local press

If you get your hands on the Sevenoaks Chronicle or Kent and Sussex Courier, you'll see me writing in their twice. You lucky things ;-)

Hannah Griffin, Branding expert, business pages sevenoaks and kent

I'm really enjoying writing for the press, both in my regular branding column and giving my thoughts on the monthly business profile page. This month, I wrote about brand reputation; you can read the full article below. If you'd like to work with Ditto to give your brand some oomph, do get in touch; we have a limited number of free sessions available every month.

Hannah Griffin, branding expert, business profile, awfully posh snacks

Taxing times for brand reputation

Starbucks, Google and the BBC: three huge brands that many of us interact with on a daily basis, and all of which have been subjected to customer boycotts of some kind over recent revelations about their behaviour. Starbucks has suffered a huge customer backlash over tax avoidance, and I don’t need to tell you why the BBC has been put in the spotlight. Brands who tell us that they are safe, warm and trustworthy are alleged to be behaving in a rather less-than-trustworthy fashion which proves that a brands’ voice cannot be divorced from a company’s actions.  Brands and companies are one and the same, and the voice of your brand must be authentic at every level – both internally when working with staff and suppliers and externally when marketing to customers.These brands now face a battle to maintain trust and loyalty from their customers, and they will no doubt experience long-term damage to their reputation. In the world of branding, no matter what size the business, you absolutely must live and breathe your brand values. Do you tell your customers that you support local businesses? Make sure that you actually do – and be prepared to demonstrate it through your website, social media and brochures. Customers react very badly to their trust being rocked, and once a dent is put in a customers’ loyalty, you’ll have a real challenge on your hands to win it back.

What are your thoughts on brand loyalty? Have you ever had an experience with a brand which has shaken your trust - and did they manage to win you back? I'd love to know.