New in This Week: Brand & logo design for WAGS Dog Grooming

Introducing WAGS Dog Grooming

WAGS is a brand new business, set to open in Sevenoaks in the next few weeks. Run by the lovely Emily, WAGS will be pampering the town's pooches with her fabulous wash and groom service. Emily asked us to help create the look and feel of WAGS having been recommended to talk to us by one of our other clients, and it's been a pleasure to work with her.

The brief

Emily had a very clear idea of what sort of look she wanted, which gave us a head-start. The brief was to incorporate a clean, modern San-serif font with a feminine script font. This is a classic combination which can work beautifully, but requires a thoughtful approach to team up the right fonts. The first two concepts we created are very much to brief, but we couldn't resist trying something different for the third concept.

The initial concepts

Concept 1

WAGS Dog Grooming Logo Design,

Concept 2

WAGS Dog Grooming Logo2

Concept 3

WAGS Dog Grooming Sevenoaks Logo3

To complement the logo device, Dan crafted these beautiful patterned backgrounds to add depth to the brand. A pattern can be a very handy brand device to have as part of your brand manual, and can be used on websites, social media backgrounds, on business cards and even as part of your interior design to help create a branded look throughout your entire business.

WAGS patterns

We're currently working with Emily to develop the initial concepts - I'll be sharing more on this branding project with you soon!