'She had money, now she has shoes': The power of perspective

wizard of oz shoes from onefabday.co.ukSometimes, when you feel that perhaps things aren't going quite as you want them to, a friend, colleague or family member can help you see things differently.

A few months ago, I was sharing a few minutes with Daphne Henning of Leaves Inspired. I'd just seen a new client who was fretting about money. Her fledgling business wasn't doing as well as expected - the phone wasn't ringing, she had too much time on her hands due to a lack of work and money was tight meaning she was struggling to pay herself a wage, let along cover the rent for her business premises. 'But look!', she'd exclaimed brightly, while she was with us, 'I've just bought myself these fabulous new shoes. They're from Jimmy Choo and cost £450'. I relayed this story to Daphne, amazed and, yes, more than slightly worried about the future of this lady's business given that her priorities were a little skewed, to say the least. Daphne had a different perspective on the whole thing. 'Well, she had money', she said to me, in a matter of fact tone, 'and now she has shoes'. This sparked a conversation about the power of perspective (not to mention the warped relationship many of us have with money), and really made me think. If we viewed things differently, would it open up more possibilities? Could it make us more motivated, more successful and more happy? Thought provoking stuff. I'd love to hear what you think...

Image credit: photo found at onefabday.com