New in This Week: Flyer Design for Zest Home Cleaning

zest home cleaning, flyer design, sevenoaks 1Introducing Zest Home Cleaning

Having launched Zest Commercial Cleaning a couple of years ago, Dan Lockey and the team at Zest have launched their latest business venture, building on their excellent reputation to introduce their home cleaning service. We've worked with Dan for a number of years, so we were pleased to be asked to help him get his new business off the ground.

Keeping it simple

Dan's not one for clutter or fuss. We were after an immediate, punchy message which instantly tells his customers who they are and what they do. On flyers, particularly those used for a door drops (and therefore arriving with 'cold' contacts rather than people you already know), the challenge is always to effectively introduce your business without writing essays on what you do. Rather than list infinite bullet point lists of services (or worse, use the phrase 'offering all aspects....' which Dan and I agree is the worst thing you can possibly do when introducing your business), I composed some concise copy which was no more than 3 sentences long. We focussed in on what it is that Dan offers his customers that truly matters. The benefit of a home cleaner isn't so much that someone else does the vacuuming for you - the true value lies in the fact that having someone take care of the cleaning frees up a couple of hours for you to go off and do what you want. Identifying your customers' point of pain is crucial to engaging with them - empathise with what 'hurts', and tell them how you'll make that go away. A simple tactic, but very effective! Team this up with a clear call to action and you've got yourself a winning flyer.