Getting motivated and overcoming obstacles

We cannot solve our problems

Introducing Daphne Henning

Coach, motivational speaker and the-person-you-go-to-when-you-need-inspiration, Daphne Henning runs Leaves Inspired. Daphne is a wonderful person to know, and I'm delighted that she's agreed to dedicate some of her time to contributing to the Ditto blog. Without further ado, please enjoy her first post.

Where we ate cake, felt inspired and remembered that obstacles are temporary

Last week, armed with carrot cake, I took my very de-motivated self to see Hannah. We sat down with tea and I told her my story. A client I have been working hard for gave me feedback on something she wasn’t happy with, but didn’t mention any of the good things I knew I was achieving. No amount of positive thinking was succeeding in re-inflating my burst bubble! I felt blue.

So we drank tea, ate carrot cake and changed the subject. As we remembered things to be pleased about and grateful for we laughed a lot. By the time the cake plate was empty I was beginning to remember what inspires me and ideas began to ignite like sparks around us. My perception of the whole situation shifted.

This is will no doubt prove to be a  familiar scenario for many of you. Something 'bad' happens, it pulls us down and we can't see a way out of it. The problem is, it clouds our judgement and prevents us from seeing the opportunities that lay ahead - both in life and in business. When you find yourself sitting under a storm cloud and unable to gain perspective, it's easy to feel thoroughly de-motivated, but the good news is there's a simple process to kick the cycle and shake off the bad stuff.

  • The thinking that gets us into that de-motivating situation won’t release us from it, so stop thinking about it for the moment
  • Breathe – take at least 3 deep breaths
  • Relax every tense part of your body with each breath
  • Do something that you enjoy (go for a walk, play a round of golf, have a massage, listen to music, whatever pleases you) If you can’t actually do something, just thinking about something pleasurable works too! (Imagine yourself on a tropical island, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, taste that cool drink)
  • Tune in and listen to the wisdom you have within you. Insight comes as short, supportive and positive messages. If you hear a long-winded, negative or critical voice, tell it to be quiet and listen to the quieter, nice one!
  • Smile. The act of smiling will brighten your mood. Try it - I promise it works!
  • When you feel better, and with an open mind, evaluate all the options for action that come to you in your relaxed state. Your next step will appear. Take it.

This needn’t take long and offers immediate relief.

PS Just after I met with Hannah I was offered some work with a group of people I really like and admire. I signed up to start on the first of next month. The following day my client told me she had decided to wrap up our project at the end of the month! Perfect timing!