We live in a digital age - but here's my business card

business cardsEver noticed that despite living in a digital age, we still rely on business cards as a first point of contact?

The genesis of the business card can be traced back to the mid-1600’s when they were known as “Visite de Biletes” or visiting cards. These early cards evolved into two distinct categories, one for when calling on an individual or group socially, the other that served as a small advertisement for one’s trade or service.

Along with their aesthetic and functional evolution, a specific protocol began to emerge. This dictated how and when to use the card, the type of card stock to be used, how they should be printed, etc. They also quite often included a map as street numbering had not yet been introduced and this directed potential customers to your premises.

From these early beginnings we arrive at the card as we know it today: they tell a story, open doors, make a statement, answer questions, unlock and initiate conversations, provide information and they also serve as an extension of the owner. Quite frequently, we pass on someone’s card to a contact as an introduction to a colleague or customer.

Amazingly, in this digital age the very low-tech business card still proliferates as the way in which businesses communicate with each other. (Yesterday I visited my old college, Ravensbourne, which proudly proclaims to a leading all-digital establishment, but the first thing I was handed was a good, old-fashioned business card!)

So, have a look at your business card, does it say all you want it to about you and your business? Are you proud of the message it conveys? Is it up-to-date with your business and where you are today? If not, give us a call.

Image credit: all images from Hannah's 'Business Card' board on Pinterest