Your brand: The promise, the personality, the product, the perception

your brand, the promise, product, personality and perception, typographic printBranding can be easily dealt with in 4 distinct categories

Branding's really just about 4 components: the promise, the personality, the product and the perception. I'm currently writing my next contribution for the Kent & Sussex Courier's business pages, which I contribute to monthly as their branding expert, and I've been struck that the business I've been asked to comment about has a great product, but seems to fall down on the other 3 crucial components. The problem is that a product can be absolutely amazing, but without careful consideration to map out the brand identity, there's no personality to what's being delivered and the perception is unlikely to be right. And that means that your brand will fail to engage with the right people, and growing your business will be a hit-and-miss struggle.

So, your homework for the weekend: take a piece of A4 paper, divide it into 4 and jot down some bullet points for each of the 4 P's of your brand. What is it you deliver? What promises do you make? What personality does your brand have - and what perception do you want clients and prospects to have?

Image credit: Typographic print by our very own Dan at Ditto, taken from our branding e-book (download your free copy by clicking here)