What if? How we can be open to more opportunities if we shifted our perspective

merry go round Rather than entertain our thoughts, we could let our thoughts entertain us

I'm pleased to share with you the second post by our guest blogger, Daphne Henning! 

Earlier this week I began to feel that I was back on the hamster wheel – going to work, coming home, sleeping, going to work... These days, when I catch myself entertaining such thoughts, I halt the downward spiral and I start to play 'what if?'.

What if... this was a merry-go-round rather than a hamster wheel?

What if... this is not Kent in the dreary winter, but a great big funfair full of merry-go-rounds?

What if... some had horses, and some had cars, and some had teacups - and I could just go from one to the other having a lovely time? What if I could decide when to leave one and move to another? How cool would that be?

As soon as I shifted my perspective towards the 'what if?' mindset, a whole new section of the funfair opened up. I left the hamster-wheel behind. We are, after all, the scriptwriters of our lives, so if we feel uncomfortable in the scene we’re in, we can just change the script! Don't let your current story impact on your ability to be imaginative about how your future could be. Opening up to new possibilities will allow you to see opportunities for your business and personal life to be an altogether different story. So next time you feel down about the state of the world, think about how different the world could be if you pictured life as a merry-go-round instead of a hamster wheel.

Image credit: Image sourced via my Pinterest account