New in This Week: Web to print system for Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital

Spire Tunbridge Wells hospital leaflet designIntroducing Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital

Spire Healthcare have 38 private hospitals across the UK, delivering excellent health care in beautifully equipped, clean and welcoming hospitals. The nearest to us in Sevenoaks is Spire Tunbridge Wells, situated in the very beautiful village of Fordcombe. I recently met with their marketing team to see how we could help them to manage their marketing in-house in Tunbridge Wells while keeping their brand streamlined. For a large company such as Spire, maintaining their brand identity consistantly is really important, so our web to print option is perfect for them. We've built them a number of design templates (working to their brand guidelines, of course), which ensure that their fonts, colours, logos and style are locked in place, allowing the team at Tunbridge Wells to simply edit the appropriate elements of the artwork before sending orders off to print. The web to print system is ideal as it removes so much of the time and hassle that ordering print can often entail, and will make sure that their brand looks right, every single time.