The Power of Colour in Design: Yellow

introducing colour in design palette, yellowI'm starting this series on the power of colour in design with yellow as it's so very seasonal! Since daffodils are popping their little heads up around now, splashes of yellow can be seen everywhere. And it's such a cheerful colour - joyful, playful, optimistic and full of life. Yellow is radiant, lively and positive. From pale, delicate spring shades of primrose to much deeper, autumnal shades of mustard, yellow is a friendly shade that exudes confidence. In design, it should be used with care - it can be a tricky colour to use unless you get the shade just so, and can be very difficult to use in areas of text. Personally, I love yellow. You can never fail to be uplifted by it - which is why it's the perfect hue for communicating confidence and happiness. All images from my Yellow board on Pinterest