New in This Week: Inspirational Mood Board session for a Sevenoaks Nanny Agency

I can't believe this is the first time I've dedicated a blog post to a Mood Board session.

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Mood Boards are used by all manner of creatives to help gain a visual representation of what their clients want to achieve, and are such an effective way to gather inspirations, find words, colours and images that represent your business. They're ideal for bridging the gap between what a client may think they want, and what they actually mean - and through the process, we drill into the commercial reasoning for why they may want to present their brand a certain way. Through the process there's plenty of lively debate - ideas emerge rapidly and words flow easily, giving shape and purpose to a client's objectives.

Ditto, Sevenoaks, Creative Design, Branding

Mood Board sessions are about more than collecting nice images together, but rather finding the depth to your brand and ensuring we understand exactly why each and every word, colour or image makes it to the board. Some brands are particularly difficult to 'draw', which makes Mood Board sessions all the more valid and worthwhile. Aside from being a really fun exercise, it gives our clients real clarity and confidence, and helps us to be able to deliver a creative and commercially grounded brand which will engage with the intended market.

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