New in This Week: A Colourful Mini-Brochure for What On Earth?

What on Earth Wallbooks, Chris Lloyd, leaflet design, Ditto, Sevenoaks'Curiosity is our most precious natural instinct. It is how we learn all the most important life skills from talking to tickling from cradle to grave'

Christopher lloyd, What on EarthWise words, from this man - Christopher Lloyd, founder of What On Earth Publishing, and friend of Ditto. Christopher graduated with a double first in history from Cambridge in 1990 and went on to become the Technology Editor for The Sunday Times. He left in 2000 to become CEO of Immersive Education in Oxford before becoming an author in 2006. He established What on Earth Publishing in Spring 2010, and today divides his time between writing books, journalism, and lecturing mostly in schools, museums and literary festivals. Chris is, as I fondly refer to him, a totally nutty but brilliant type - full to bursting of scientific facts (a casual conversation about a rabbit can turn into a mini-lecture on the evolution of small animals and how they've impacted our lives) and I find him totally fascinating. We've worked with Chris for some time now, from when he published his first book to the later 'What On Earth Happened?', 'What On Earth Evolved?' and the titles he's working on right now... which I couldn't possibly reveal!

What On Earth wallbooks leaflet design, Ditto, Sevenoaks

Chris asked us to design a mini-brochure (a clever piece of marketing which arrives as an A5 folded leaflet but opens up to an A3 poster) to promote his new What On Earth? Wallbook Wonderbox - a resource pack for teachers to bring the What On Earth philosophy to schools. Packed with illustrations, supplied by Chris's illustrator, Andy, the design is colourful, bright, informative and characteristically bonkers (aren't the illustrations just stunning? The design wouldn't be the same without them). With plenty of calls to action to encourage teachers to book a visit or request more information, the mini-brochure is easy to navigate, and contains all of the pertinent information that readers will need without losing the personality of the What On Earth? brand.

What on Earth wallbook, brochure design, Ditto, Sevenoaks