New in This Week: A striking brand identity for The FD Studio

Introducing The FD Studio

When I first met Mike Rowe, I was immediately struck by his warmth and compassion. Mike has identified a gap in the market for ‘small businesses who aim to be bigger’, who need the guidance of a Financial Director, but not on a full time basis. The FD Studio bridges the gap between the standard advice that an accountant may give and the ‘bigger picture’ guidance that a business coach would provide, with the personal aspirations of the business owner very much in mind.

The FD Studio is all about thinking creatively, and about being more than just a number cruncher. Complementing, rather than competing with, the services of accountants and tax advisors, The FD Studio provides a unique services to business owners. Mike aims to really get inside the businesses he works with, understanding the people behind the business, what their goals are, what their stresses are and what makes them tick in order to provide guidance which will help their business to grow. The FD Studio aims to allow business owners to pursue lifestyle ambitions by ensuring that their company is structured and organised in such a way that it can be a vehicle for them to do what they want with life. The focus is on building genuine, honest long term relationships, offering advice based on Mike’s commercial and financial background.

The Challenge

Through our Mood Board and Brainstorming session, we were able to gain a deep understanding of The FD Studio’s purpose and mission. The company is in need of a brand identity, effectively communicating the company’s values and beliefs while engaging their target market to provide The FD Studio with a platform to go out in the world and grow.

The Mood Board

At the time of our Mood Board session, Mike hadn't yet decided on a name for his new venture. This made the Mood Board session all the more valid, as we bounced ideas around and gathered inspiration. I think Mike and I both went away from the Mood Board feeling inspired, yet slightly cloudy, about the direction of the company name - over the next few days various ideas were suggested and rejected until The FD Studio came to fruition: the name conjures up images of creativity and collaboration, which is perfect for Mike.




Concept 1: Fun, modern, quirky with a lively and friendly colour palette

The FD Studio logo presentation2

Concept 2: uber-modern, contemporary and unexpected, with a cool colour palette

The FD Studio logo presentation3

Concept 3: Simple and to-the-point with the same friendly colour palette as concept 1

The FD Studio logo presentation4

Concept 4: Cleverly using negative space to create the 'f' and 'd' with a warm colour palette introducing a touch of 'serious' blue and grey

The FD Studio logo presentation5

As well as carefully crafting the logo graphics, we put a huge amount of time and debate into deciding upon the colours we apply to any given brand. For Mike, a creative and sociable colour palette was needed to help separate him from the sea of blue that tends to follow financial-types around, yet a balance had to be struck to avoid the brand being portrayed as too playful - after all, Mike expects his clients to put their businesses into his hands. A certain level of credibility and gravitas is essential.

I'll be sharing more on this project soon - do keep your eyes peeled!