New in This Week: The finished brand identity and logo design for The FD Studio

The FD Studio, financial, logo design, business card designMy last blog post was dedicated to the Mood Board for The FD Studio branding, where we mapped out the values, ambitions and dreams for Mike Rowe's new business. I'm pleased to reveal the finished product! A bright, punchy orange is the first thing you notice about this brand. A creative, sociable and vibrant colour (remember my blog post about the psychological properties of orange?), it matches Mike's business personality perfectly. It's an unexpected colour for a financial company, who tend to favour more conservative colours. The elegant font (Museo, for you font geeks out there) balances the playfulness of the orange, adding a touch of authority and credibility. We've bought energy and life to Mike's business card design, with colour flowing through the strap line providing beautiful movement and interest. The impact this has on the design is just gorgeous, isn't it?!

The FD Studio, financial, logo design, business card design, sevenoaks

The FD Studio, financial, logo design, business card design, sevenoaks, branding

What Mike says:

'From the first moment I met Hannah, Derek and Dan I was made to feel valued, welcome and special. They brought a creativity and enthusiasm to my branding project that both impressed and inspired me. I had a vague idea of how I wanted my business to be portrayed, but Hannah took me on a creative journey that allowed me to understand my core values, ideals and aspirations. I believe that this experience unearthed my true feelings about my business and how I would like to help my customers. I feel that everything I represent is enshrined in the branding, the logo and design work and it has given me a confidence in my identity, my brand and my business. With the ditto team behind me I truly believe that I can leap tall buildings with a single bound.'

I'd like to note that these words were entirely unprompted from Mike - when I asked him if he'd give us some feedback, with a view to using it on the blog and on our website, I never imagined that we'd receive such heartfelt words. Thank you, Mike - clients like you make our job a genuine joy.