Sir Alan will see you now: The Apprentice has begun

Oh lordy. SurrrrAlan's latest batch of victims, ahem, hopefuls, are lining up to be judged. Hmmm. Never too sure about The Apprentice. From the bolshy attitudes to the minutiae of the behaviour of all concerned (sorry, but in this day and age, separating the men and women into opposing teams is a dated approach at best) - egos bigger than Wembley Stadium and barely a shred of decency between them. It begs the question: is there a place for such pushiness in the marketplace these days? I can confidently say that if any of Lord Sugar's latest approached Ditto, they would be swiftly shown the door. I truly believe that consumers are well and truly fed up of the glossy salesman approach. All mouth and no trousers. No thank you.

Shame really - in the early days of the programme, I'd eagerly glue myself to the television, keen to hoover up any pearls of wisdom I can apply to our own business. These days, it's less about good business sense and more about backstabbing, bossiness and threaded eyebrows. Goodness. I can only hope that our future business leaders do not reside in Alan Sugar's boardroom.