Inspired by: Superfilm's beautiful promotional videos

I have to admit, there have been times where I've cringed inwardly at the thought of a corporate promotional video. Many that I've seen seem so insincere, cold and sales-y that I'm instantly turned off and have to watch through my fingers. I'm pleased to say that my thoughts have changed vastly since meeting with Juliette at Superfilm. Superfilm are a local group of passionate film makers who work with businesses to produce the most beautiful, aspirational promotional videos you could dream of. With the focus very much on telling a story, their videos capture the essence and personality of the businesses they work with. I was amazed by the ways in which the videos portray a really honest, genuine feel - so different to many of the staged, scripted corporate videos I've seen before. Their relaxed, story-telling style and aspirational finish produces videos which companies can be incredibly proud of. I'm very excited (if a little nervous!) to announce that Superfilm will be working with us to create a video for Ditto - I look forward to sharing more on this with you in the next few weeks!

To give a taste of Superfilm's work, do take a look at the video below which was produced to document The Savoy's Jubilee celebrations.

[vimeo 51232293 w=400 h=300]