On film: Behind the scenes at the filming of Ditto's new promotional video

I'll admit it. I barely slept the night before filming.

Ditto, Sevenoaks, filming, Superfilm, promotional video, business

I've not done this sort of thing and the thought of spending a day being filmed is really not my cup of tea! Not to be deterred, I spent yesterday morning buzzing around our building, organising, tidying, making endless cups of tea and preparing for Ian and Juliette of Superfilm to come and capture our best side. We had a handful of similarly nervous clients who joined us for filming (thank you so much, you were all wonderful), and I have to say that Juliette did a brilliant job at making everyone feel really at ease. The day actually ended up being an awful lot of fun (did I really say that?!), with loads of laughter and jokes to get those happy smiley faces that the camera demanded.

hannah and dionne, moodboard, ditto, promotional video, superfilm

hannah and dionne, moodboard, ditto, promotional video, superfilm, ian filming

Superfilm, sevenoaks, filming, ditto, promotional video, business

hannah and dionne, moodboard, ditto, promotional video, superfilm, ipad

hannah and dionne, moodboard, ditto, promotional video, superfilm, ian filming2

I'd like to thank everyone involved personally; Rachael Hale of History Magpie (as the first in front of the camera you did brilliantly - and yes, I owe you!), Liz Anderson of Bit Spicy (totally unflappable - what a professional), Dionne Baron of Nurture Nannies (lending me your cardi and scarf so I had a change of clothes really was above and beyond the call of duty - I promise not to ask you to strip again!), Steph Harrison of Breast Cancer Care (I think a future career as a TV presenter awaits - the camera loves you, dahhhlling!), James Hoad of Hoads Shoes (see, told you you'd be great ;-) ), Chris Whiteside of Little Freddie Productions (bet you regret popping in now), Andy and the team at ...Happen Web (sorry for all the noise!) and last but by no means least, Ian and Juliette from Superfilm. You made the day really enjoyable and the amount of care you'd taken over planning each shot was evident - I can't wait to see the results.

Photos courtesy of Steph - thanks for stepping up as our unofficial photographer!