Let's get growing: Have you received your Forget-Me-Not seeds yet?

At Ditto, we care very deeply about helping our clients to grow their businesses. It's what we do best.

lets get growing forget me not seeds ditto sevenoaks3

Over the last few days, we've sent out 75,000 Forget-Me-Not seeds through the post to our lovely clients, with the invitation to join us for a complimentary one hour brainstorming session to help find new ways to grow their business. I love a good old brainstorm (if you've worked with us, you'll know that I can't go a few minutes without scribbling ideas out on paper); they're a great way to get ideas flowing and spark inspiration with where to take your business next. It's all about thinking big, thinking creatively, and finding the ways we can show off your business in the best possible light. Clients always leave our sessions feeling excited, inspired and energised - and so do I. Brainstorming with clients is a very rewarding way to spend the day - we always achieve so much in a relatively short space of time!

lets get growing forget me not seeds ditto sevenoaks2

To request your Forget-Me-Not seeds and book your free session, simply email growing@ditto.uk.com, or call the studio on 01732 456944. I can't wait to see how we can help your business grow!

PS - wondering about the relevance of sending out seeds? They make a great metaphor for growth, and the blue petals of Forget-Me-Not flowers matches our logo nicely ;-) Thank you to Daphne Henning at Leaves Inspired for sending me a photo of some gorgeous Forget-Me-Not plants at the Chelsea Flower Show - beautiful.

lets get growing forget me not seeds ditto sevenoaks