New in This Week: Programme Design for the Sevenoaks Summer Festival

Sevenoaks summer festival, programme, design, ditto, creative, programme coverIt's here again! The Sevenoaks Summer Festival is about to kick in to swing.

The Sevenoaks Summer Festival is an annual celebration and showcase of the breadth and diversity of Sevenoaks' art activities, continuing a tradition begun by Sevenoaks School in 1970. Now in its 44th year, the festival boasts an array of events and exhibitions, from the amazing experience of Colourscape, to comedy, Shakespeare and music at some of Sevenoaks'  most beautiful venues.

For the eighth consecutive year, we were delighted to be asked to design to festival programme which can be found dotted all around town as of now. Having worked with the festival organisers for a number of years now, Derek is very much in tune with the style of the festival and brings a fresh twist to the design each year. The programme is easily navigated with colour coded according to genre, and accompanied by a map of the town which shows where many of the events will take place. You can see an electronic version of the programme on the festival website.

Sevenoaks summer festival, programme, design, ditto, creative

We at Ditto are proud to be sponsoring Colourscape, an amazing auditory and visual experience which features in the festival line-up. Visitors entering this new world of a labrynth-like sculpture experience all-embracing colour, with remarkable effects on the mind and body. Science meets art in a series of interconnected chambers where music permeates throughout. Head to the Vine Gardens on Dartford Road from 11am - 4pm on Saturday 22nd June to see what it's all about! The festival runs from Saturday 22nd June to Sunday 7th July - make sure you get yourself to some of the events.

Sevenoaks summer festival, programme, design, ditto, creative, programme, inside page