New in This Week: Web Design for Sevenoaks based nanny agency, Nurture Nannies

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Having known Dionne of Nurture Nannies for a number of years, I was so pleased that she asked us to help swizz up her website.

Dionne was in a classic transitional phase with Nurture Nannies; her business had been up and running for a few years and had really gathered steam with an excellent reputation for - well, excellence. While the business was really motoring, the branding didn't really reflect the Nurture Nannies ethos and needed a bit of a face lift to reflect where the business is right now. Dionne places great emphasis on getting to know both the nannies and families to find the perfect match, and we really needed the branding to communicate this.

Together, Dionne and I mapped out the brand values through the course of our mood board session (which you can read about by clicking here) - an invaluable exorcise for both myself and Dionne. We had a number of light bulb moments about the Nurture Nannies brand as we debated who the target market for Nurture is, and how Dionne wants Nurture Nannies to be portrayed. I took the notes from our mood board session back to the studio, where we got to work on crafting a new brand identity for Nurture.

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I'm so pleased with the new branding - the pink conveys a soft, feminine and nurturing vibe yet is balanced by a chalky blue and gentle putty colour to create an earthy and neutral palette. The typography is spot on; a modern san-serif typeface reflects vision and purpose, with a beautiful hand-written font used to add warmth and personality to the strap line: 'to grow, to develop, to cherish'. And so with the branding done (having summed up the process in just a few sentences feels an injustice to all the hours of hard work!), we moved on to designing a brand new website.

Dionne's main focus was to build a website which didn't only look good, but worked hard for her, too. As with many business owners, Dionne has huge pressures on her time, and so anything which can help streamline processes and help her to work more efficiently is welcomed with open arms. We worked alongside the team at ...Happen to develop the site; Andy is an absolute expert in functionality and has built Dionne a website which allows her to gather data, manage information and easily update the site herself quickly and easily, giving her greater flexibility not only with the website, but with her company data. The site went live just a few days ago, and it looks fantastic! See the site in all its glory by clicking here.

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