From the studio: Beautiful photo folders for Hoad's Children's Shoe Shop

Hoads of Sevenoaks, first shoe, folder, design, children 2These days, it's all about adding value; doing whatever you can to stand head and shoulders above your competitors

Hoad's Children's Shoe Shop are renowned for being the local authority on children's shoes - their specialist fitting service instantly makes them more valued to parents than your average high street shoe shop. And of course, the day that a parent takes their little one into Hoad's for their very first 'proper' pair of shoes is a very special one - a sign that their precious baby is growing up. To commemorate this, Hoad's give their customers with a photo of that first pair of shoes, presented in a lovely keepsake folder. Isn't that a lovely idea?

To help measure and improve their customer service, we've created a small feedback card too for customers to share their thoughts. A simple thing, but so crucial to ensure you're offering the very best service that you can.

The Hoad's brand is a great example of how a brand can be styled differently for various demographics. The look and feel of the main store is very different, and quite rightly so (remember the work we did with them to promote their fashion event?) - the playful, child-like feel of the typography used in this folder would be totally wrong for their adult customers. Nonetheless, the essence of the Hoad's brand is always consistent, and that's absolutely fundamental in building a powerful brand.

Hoads of Sevenoaks, first shoe, folder, design, children