Will you help Data Sanctuary choose their new logo?

data sanctuary mood boardIntroducing Data Sanctuary

Data Sanctuary is owned by Ben Crawford, a thoroughly lovely chap and genuine computer guru. Ben approached us to work our magic on his branding, which we've had a lot of fun with so far! We've whittled down the various developments to two possibilities, and Ben and I would really love your feedback to help make the final decision on which concept makes the cut. Of course, it wouldn't be fair to ask you to make a judgement without knowing a bit more, so here's the story so far:

Data Sanctuary has been trading for some time already, but now is the time to give it a real push to become a serious offering in the IT and data security market. With a number of competitors at both ends of the scale (sole traders ranging to companies with several employees), Data Sanctuary stand out due to Ben's positive and personable attitude. Unlike competitors who often have grumpy and monosyllabic engineers, Ben is patient, professional and great with people (trust me - I asked him tonnes of questions and he didn't get grumpy once!). The branding for Data Sanctuary needs to be warm, approachable and just a little bit quirky.

The Target Market

Both domestic and commercial customers – Data Sanctuary is well positioned to work with both. Commercial customers should ideally have no more than approximately 20 clients – so we’re working very much with the small business/ start-up market where Ben has experience and a proven track record already.

data sanctuary mood board 2Some of the initial ideas were filtered out quite quickly after our initial sketches...

data sanctuary logo design sketch

And now we're down to these two designs:

Data Sanctuary logo design by ditto, sevenoaks concept 1

Data Sanctuary logo design, ditto, sevenoaks concept 2

So it's over to you - do you prefer Concept 1 (the birds), or Concept 2 (the power circuit)? We'd really appreciate your help!