Key colour trends for Autumn 2013

AutumnViewAhhh, we're well in to Autumn. It's a gorgeous season, don't you think? Crunchy colourful leaves, misty mornings and crackling fires bring with them a mellow mood and a whole new set of colours for us designers to get excited about. We place importance on keeping up to date with the changing trends as it allows us to broaden our style and ensure that the work we do is up to date and relevant. The good news is that there's a whole heap of beautiful trends making themselves known this season, which I can't wait to delve into... The FD Studio, financial, logo design, business card design

Monochrome is back

Black and white never goes out of fashion; it's classic, reliable and fail-safe. Add pattern and beautiful typography to keep it looking too corporate (unless that's your thing). Pops of  colour add interest - unexpected splashes of vivid reds and oranges or cool blues lend life and vigor. The FD Studio brand is a great example of how an identity can be saved from being too corporate (but corporate enough to be credible) by adding a vibrant colour to an otherwise monochrome palette.

kentish cider, sevenoaks food fair

Earthy palettes are perfect

Nothing says Autumn like a wholesome palette of burnt oranges, browns, deep yellows and charcoal shades. Use an autumn colour palette to create a soft and mellow mood, or pep it up with a dash of coral. Clashing colours used to be something to be avoided with the preference being for nice complementing colour palettes - but over the last couple of seasons it's become perfectly acceptable to mix up your colours to create an energetic and lively design. To avoid a messy look, stick to using just a few colours as part of a minimal design.

Chequers Sevenoaks menu design, ditto, pub, restaurant 5Texture and pattern are your friend

Texture evokes the senses. Clean finishes tend to feel corporate, while rustic uncoated finishes (like this menu for The Chequers) have a beautifully tactile feel which is homely and welcoming. Patterns are fantastic for adding depth and interest to a design - think about using it on the back of your business cards, the inside of folders and as backgrounds on websites to give your brand an extra dimension. From structured geometric shapes to more flowing, organic designs, anything goes!

Emerald, colour of the year, dittoDon't forget Emerald

Emerald is Pantone's Colour of the Year, making it a popular hue this year. Previously regarded as a bit fusty, it's enjoyed a comeback in 2013 and has been widely embraced. Expect to see much more of our friend Emerald as we head towards the festive season!

Image credits: all images are our own with exception of the colour palette, from Jessica at Design Seeds