What's your measure of success?

Believe You can and you will, Ditto Creative, Typographic Print'Comparison is the thief of joy' - this means a lot, don't you think? I was talking to a friend the other night, who was having a grumble about not feeling 'as successful' as a friend he'd spent the weekend with. They had a wonderful home, he said. They earn more than me, he said. Why am I not doing better, he said. The problem with comparison is that no two situations are the same. This is also very true in business, where many of us beat ourselves up on an almost daily basis for not being higher-achieving, wider-reaching and better-earning. We're not big enough, clever enough or more successful. We compare ourselves to the Dragons of this world who sit in their den twiddling their expensive pens and proclaiming that when they started out in business, they had just a couple of quid to their name, and now look - we're oh-so clever, and aren't we amazing? The truth is, we all have our own measure of success. Whatever you want to achieve from business, that's your goal post. Ignore the ambitions of others, it'll put you off course. For me, my dream over the last few years has been to own a house. Dan and I bought our first home in February - therefore, that's a success. If I compared myself to the Diane Von Furstenberg's of this world, I'd be mighty depressed (and buying a modest semi would not seem that big of a deal), but I'm not - and in my world, buying a house is a very big deal indeed.

Celebrate all of your achievements, even the little ones. As small business owners, we tend to forget this, because we're always chasing the next thing, and the thing after that. Giving yourself and your team a pat on the back for the every day achievements reminds you that you are, in fact, successful.

Remember how much courage it takes to be out there, doing your thing. On those days where you feel like throwing in the towel and sloping off to get a job stacking shelves, remember how much bravery it took to set up a business and put your name on the map.

Share your ambitions with anyone who'll listen. The more you talk about your dreams, the more likely they are to happen. Trust me on this one; it's true. Believe you can... and you really will.