Our new home, and the stories behind it

For ages now I've been resistant to posting too much 'personal stuff' on the blog, but I'm increasingly being told that I should. I've also had many friends, clients and followers ask how Dan and I are getting on with our new home, which we bought in February this year, so I thought it was high time I shared some pictures! Our initial house hunt had been driven by my desire for a period property, so when we ended up falling in love with a 1950's semi, I have to admit at being just a bit disappointed that we didn't have a house oozing with character. But then we found this envelope hidden behind a built-in wardrobe in the second bedroom... photo(5)And we found this inside...

photo(9)In fact, the oldest note was a ten shilling note, and went right up to an old style five pound note. There were just a couple of each denomination in the envelope, which lead us to wonder... why was it there? And why such a varied range? Clearly they had been produced at very different times, so what were those notes doing together in that envelope? After a bit of research, we believe that these notes were linked to a tradition. The story goes that on your wedding day, you'd keep back some money that you were given as a token for good luck. On your ten year anniversary, you'd add more money to the collection. On your twentieth anniversary, you'd do the same. We have forty years' worth of a beautifully romantic tradition in an old brown envelope, along with a couple of love notes. The shilling notes have been framed and have taken pride of place in our living room.

It didn't stop there. We also uncovered this book...




photo(7)This was dated 1948, and contains some really beautiful butterfly illustrations - the sort that you'd pay serious money for! I've scanned some of these pages and have framed them too - they're too special to leave in a drawer.

It's so wonderful that despite being a relatively young building, the house has told us some amazing stories already about the people who have lived here; who they were, what they did and what mattered to them. It's lovely to build up a picture of the people who have been here before us and contributed to the story of our first home.