My resolutions for 2014

new years eveI've never followed the tradition of setting out New Years resolutions at New Year. Oh no. For me, the time to start fresh is my birthday, on January 11th. I guess having a birthday so close to the New Year makes it feel like my own special new year, physically and symbolically. There's much I want to achieve this year, and I'm hoping that publishing them in a public space will make them a little more likely to happen! 1. Celebrate the little moments I'm very, very good at being blinkered when it comes to savouring the moment. There's always the pressure to work harder, faster, bigger, that it's easy to miss the small things that happen along the way which, when added up, represent the things that really matter. This year, I'm going to slow down and take a moment to be thankful for those precious moments.

2. Make time for fun Last year was all about working incredibly hard to a) earn the money to buy our first house and b) make it the home we wanted. I'm not going to pretend that this year won't be hard work too, but it's time to add a bit more play in to the mix.

charlie and mak

3. Worry a little less I am a chronic worrier and it drives me nuts. If there's something I can fret over, I'll find it. The only way to break that pattern is to learn to let things go - I'm working on it!

4. See more of my friends I've been terrible for this. Life gets in the way and suddenly it's been months since I last saw some of my favourite faces. This is not ok (but I'll try not to worry about it ;-) ).

rox, jen and hannah

5. Pick up the phone more often Hitting 'like' on a friend's Facebook status can make us feel as though we're in touch with their lives... but as we all know, our social media profiles tends to be the primped, preened and carefully curated version of our lives, quite far from the real story. Nothing replaces a proper chat - and really, who is so busy that they can't find 5 minutes to call their friend?

6. Live happy Dancing in the kitchen, laughing til your sides hurt... the only way to be happy is to live happy. So I'm going to choose to have a very happy year - will you join me? [youtube=]