Bloglovin' - one of the best free blogging tools I've found so far

bloglovin best free blogging tool...actually, it's a bit naughty to have claimed that 'I' found it. It was recommended to me by fellow blogger, Andrew O'Brien (go check out his blog Grow, you'll love it). Bloglovin' has since become somewhat of an obsession - it's a freebie tool that delivers all of the latest posts from the blogs you love in one easy-to-absorb daily digest, making it an absolutely essential tool for avid bloggers. Perfection! SO much easier than trawling through all of the blogs you like to read, or remembering to bookmark the pages you love (something I never remember to do, despite best intentions). Bloglovin' also recommends other blogs to you based on those that you've added to your reading list, which is a fantastic way to expand your horizons. Sign up for free at - and don't forget to add The Ditto Blog to your reading list! Enjoy.