Three ways to future-proof your business

vintage telephoneLast week I read a fascinating article by Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach on the subject of future proofing your business. He spoke about how easy it is to become bogged down by too many ideas and opportunities, and how the entrepreneur can easily end up doing nothing at all through the lack of ability to filter and focus their ideas. Aside from the need to make your ideas profitable, it's essential to stay emotionally invested in your business to make sure that you stay in love with your business idea and remain motivated. Dan recommended 3 'future filters' to help provide focus to your ideas:

Passion That thing you love to do, and do extraordinarily well -  you love it so much that you'd gladly to it for free and will always be motivated, fascinated and inspired to improve.

Hero The demographic you'd really love to help and be a hero to.

Multiplier Your capabilities and relationships that you can imagine growing exponentially.

For me and our team at Ditto, our real passion is in working with small businesses. Our skills can really be applied to any business of any size, but it's so rewarding to help build a business up with a client, and know that we were an integral part of their story. By applying real care and passion to our work, our relationships grow because clients are enthused enough by what we do that they take pride in recommending us to others, and so the word keeps spreading...

So what do you think - can you apply the 'passion, hero, multiplier' theory to your business? Read the full article here!