Why a rebrand can do wonders for business

Ditto, Sevenoaks, Creative Design, BrandingOut of the branding projects we do at Ditto, I'd say that there's a 50/50 split between those for new businesses and established businesses. But if you're an established business, is a re-brand relevant for you? Re-branding can be an excellent exercise for established businesses. For many businesses, they go through a rapid period of growth and evolution over the first few years, and can find that the direction they set out to follow has changed due to demand/ economic conditions/ an emerging specialism in a particular area. And because of this, their existing brand just doesn't reflect where they are any more. This means they're sending out the wrong message, possibly not attracting the people they want to work with and risking missing out on orders from their target market. Disaster! For other businesses, they might find that things have plateau'd and they've lost momentum. They're not too sure what went wrong, but they're just not as busy as they used to be and things are lacking momentum. Clearly this is not great either - so how can re-branding help?

data sanctuary mood board 2It provides focus and clarity. You're forced to think really hard about what it is that you set out to do with your business, what it is that you really deliver, and who your target market are.

It helps to energise you and your team. If things have become a little stale, a fresh new look and new-found confidence in your brand will help enthuse everyone, customers and staff alike.

A new brand can take your business to the next level. Looking to push into a new market, or develop a new product or service? You may find that the perception your customers have of your brand will hold back progress - by shaking the old image off and unveiling an amazing new brand, you can alter the way your business is perceived and improve your chances of success.

You can add value to your brand. Does your brand look a bit cheap? Often, I speak to businesses that offer an incredibly high end service, but are struggling to command the fees that they want to charge as they're simply coming across a bit low-end. A seasoned brand consultant can help you position your brand so that the look and feel seats comfortably with the price you charge. If you're having difficulty winning the sort of work you really want, a re-brand might well be the answer. Yes, that's right - investing in your branding can help you charge more money. Magic, hey?