In which we wear a great many hats

business, blogging, ditto sevenoaksI remember seeing a TV advert a few years ago - for Hewlett Packard, I think it was - that depicted the owner of a growing business acting out the many roles that we have to balance in a day. He was seen behind a desk, greeting a client and offering him a seat. He then disappeared out of sight, returning to refresh the water cooler. A third trip saw him returning with the hoover, before he brushed himself off, extended his hand to the waiting and client and introduced himself as the MD. Pretty typical, don't you think? There's always a million things to do, and on the days where all of the juggling and the remembering to send that email, buy tea bags, get to a meeting on time, write that proposal, call so-and-so, put the kettle on and speak to whatsisname about thingymabob, I like to take a moment to remember that us, us business owners and entrepreneurs, are pretty damn clever. I recently spoke to a client who has left her city job to go it alone, leaving behind her cushty salary, PA, and office that was just down the corridor from the kitchen which always had milk in the fridge. She was suffering somewhat of a breakdown, as her computer was refusing to behave and as a result she'd spent a whole morning on the phone to PC World. The thing about us captains of industry is that we don't have a fancy pants IT department, a fridge that replenishes itself, or a PA to call so-and-so for us. And yet the world still turns, it all gets done and we even find time to do some fee-paying work while we're at it.

So on the days where it all feels too much (don't worry, we all get them), let's just take a second to feel quietly proud of how capable we are, shall we?