Is it ever ok to write your own customer testimonials?

thank you card, ditto, sevenoaks'It's brilliant. I love it!'... were the words from one of our clients last week, as he reviewed a proof we'd worked on for a new brochure. 'It's so much better than I could have hoped for, thank you. If you want a testimonial, just write one for me and put my name to it. I'm so chuffed!'. All of that is lovely, and music to our ears - as the words of a happy client always are. The one bit that jarred, though, was the reference to writing a testimonial on his behalf. We don't do that! And I told him as much. He protested that I'd do a much better job of writing something than he would, and he's so busy that he wouldn't want to forget to do it. In fact, the best testimonials I've ever received have been those that I never asked for - kind words in a thank you card, or an unexpected email after a project has been completed. The thing is, if a testimonial isn't the genuine words of a delighted client, is there really any point? I loathe seeing websites or brochures that contain half-hearted or obviously manufactured 'testimonials' - they lack sincerity and you can just tell they're not authentic. However, if you're going to potentially miss out on a fantastic recommendation because a client's busy, is it ok to just fabricate things a little? Personally, I feel that this is always a huge no-no. I'd rather miss out on a testimonial than write one on a clients' behalf. It would just feel... wrong. A bit dirty. A lot shameful. What about you - have you ever been tempted to pen a testimonial on a clients' behalf?