How to make direct mail work for you - an excellent example from White Stuff

White Stuff Direct MailIn an age where our inboxes are chokka with spam and even our social media feeds are rammed with sales guff, it's a real treat to receive something lovely in the post. This mailer from White Stuff is a truly lovely example. Why it works

It's personalised. It's not just a random flyer - they know who I am

It's time sensitive. Not so far away that I might put it to one side and forget all about it, the flyer relates to an offer that's happening this week, so it'll stay fresh in my mind.

It's useful. Check out the cute little plant tags! I'll probably keep the flyer for those alone, meaning that White Stuff will stay in my mind for longer. Genius!

White Stuff direct mail plant tagIt's exclusive. I'm only getting this discount because I signed up to a mailing list, which gives me a reason to be excited about receiving a mailing from them (not to mention a good reason for handing over my address in the first place). And of course it makes me feel a bit special, knowing that not everyone is benefiting from this offer.

It has a clear call to action. It's straight to the point and doesn't waffle - I know exactly where I need to go and what I need to do to benefit from the discount.

White Stuff direct mailDirect mail is definitely on the up - have you factored a direct mail campaign into your marketing plan for this year?