This week I'm loving... this inspirational print from Pinterest

Ahhh, Pinterest. I could lose hours on there, and I'm really not exaggerating. I love it as I'm such a visual person, so the very idea of Pinterest being an online mood board containing all sorts of beautiful things appeals to the magpie in me. Aside from being a place where you can find gorgeous photography, recipes, fashion influences and design ideas, more and more bloggers are using Pinterest as a platform to promote their blog, and this means that there's some excellent tutorial-style content to be had, too. there's nothing wrong with staying small, PinterestI do love an inspirational quote dressed up as a typographic print, and this week, this beauty caught my eye. As well as being lovely to look at, it provides a brilliant reminder that to succeed in business you don't necessarily have to have the biggest team or the largest office - just the best people around you.

Image credit: Image found on Pinterest