This week I'm loving... equine sculpture by Heather Jansch

FoalThis week we've been working with the lovely chaps at Marshall Murray. Marshall Murray source sculpture and artwork from the most incredible artisans, hand selecting and representing the finest artists in Britain. Incidentally, they have an amazing sculpture trail at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens, where pieces have been thoughtfully sourced and placed to make the most of the vista, light and surroundings. Through Marshall Murray I've been introduced to the work of Heather Jansch, who specialises in pieces crafted from driftwood (driftwood?! Isn't it madness to think that these works of art are composed entirely of things that are washed up on the beach?!). Heather's work is highly sought after, attracting a three year waiting list for commissions. Her driftwood horses are simply stunning - the musculature, fine detail and characteristics are so life-like that it's unreal. As you'll no doubt know by now, I'm a total horse nut myself so I'm naturally drawn to her work. Isn't it exquisite?