This week I'm loving... Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

[youtube]It's been a mad few days. We've started working with an incredible brand consultant (more on that when the time is right), and there's lots of change underway at Ditto as we evolve our business. Of course, for anyone who has a business - and if you're reading this blog then I suspect that you do - you'll know that what this translates to is lots of late night scribbling, planning, brain storming, researching and all sorts of other stuff. It's all very positive (and I genuinely can't wait until the time is right to share things with you), but right now it feels a bit like being caught in the middle of a cyclone.

Calm is most welcome. So it was very, very welcome when Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap gorgeous chill out track came on the other night will I was reading up on colour psychology. It's summery, it's chilled out... it's bliss. You'll love it.