Proud to present: Brand styling for A Gift From Home

A Gift From Home logo design brand identity I'm really proud to present our latest branding project to you, which has been a while in the making!

A Gift From Home is a brand new business, due to launch later this year. The business will sell the most amazing gift boxes brimming with items 'from home' - think sweets, teas, preserves and all sorts of other goodies from the receivers' native country. Kate, the business founder, wanted to get her business off to the right foot with a beautiful brand identity from day one.

The season personality

We identified A Gift From Home as an Autumn personality, with a hint of Winter. Heritage and providence are important to Autumn personalities; they’re great campaigners, are characters of substance and like to do things well. They’re grounded, organic and authentic. On the Winter side, there’s an element of opulence and drama which provides an interesting edge.

The colours

Autumn colours are warm, intense and muted. The colour palette for A Gift From Home includes a warm yellow, rusty orange, petrol blue and metallic copper (how delicious could this look on ribbon for the packaging...?), hazelnut brown and olive green.

The brand board

A Gift From Home - Brand Board by Ditto Brand Stylists, Sevenoaks, Kent

Brand styling is about so much than crafting a distinctive logo. Yes, that's part of it - but more than that, it's about considering all of the brand elements and thinking about how to really bring the brand to life through secondary logo elements and other devices, such as the vintage inspired stamps and cute illustration on the brand board here. It's about providing typography which encapsulates the mood of the brand, giving the business owner so much more confidence to take their brand forward, with exact guidance on the fonts and colours to use.

I hope you'll really notice the difference - and I look forward to sharing much more with you over the next few posts!