Creating a brand that fills you with pride

Branding confidenceOur branding clients tend to fall into one of two camps. They're either ambitious start-ups who want an amazing brand identity from day one, or they're an established business owner who's recognised that the existing brand just isn't cutting it any more. Often, I'll meet the type-two campers at networking events. We'll get talking, realise there's an opportunity to work together, and I'll ask for their card so I can send them some information. At this point, the true size of the issue becomes clear: they'll reluctantly hand over their business card and shuffle awkwardly while mumbling something about the card not being very good. But their comments aren't really about the card at all: they simply have no pride in their brand.

Confidence in your brand is essential to attracting clients

Think about it. When you go to a party, who's the more appealing character - the life-and-soul type, or the slightly nervous looking wallflower? Your brand needs to be irresistibly engaging to attract attention. It starts with having a distinctive logo that's been carefully crafted by a professional, and extends to everything else: the colours and patterns used on your business card, the way the images are styled on your website. Get it right, and you'll be gleefully handing out business cards to anyone who asks - and doing so with a massive smile on your face, confident in the knowledge that your brand looks incredible and has been carefully positioned to attract your dream clients. And when you've got that level of confidence, people will queue up to work with you.

If you're feeling jaded about your brand, we definitely ought to talk. We're offering our brand styling packages at portfolio-building rates for a short time only - drop me a line, and let's find out how we can add some oomph and pizazz to your brand.