Proud to present: Brand styling for Illuminate Skin Clinics

Illuminate Skin Clinics Summer colour palette I'm really proud to present our latest brand design project, for Illuminate Skin Clinics. Illuminate is owned and run by Dr Sophie Shotter, an incredibly talented and ambitious aesthetic doctor. Having run her business alongside her full time job for the last year, she made the brave decision to focus on her passion - giving patients' confidence and self-worth a huge boost through cosmetic treatments. The season personality

Illuminate is, without doubt, a summer business. Graceful, elegant and aspirational, summer personalities are innately chic and have a cool head amidst the chaos. We’ve applied these values to the designs with clean, unfussy shapes with plenty of space around them communicate strength and clarity. Beautiful typography, carefully embellished with minimal flourishes create a distinctive, established feel that ooze sophistication.

The colours

A beautiful, dreamy palette of bright pink, inky blue and hazy shades of coral, dusty rose and faded blue. This is a romantic, aspirational and feminine colour palette which is given life and purpose by the primary colours of magenta and deep blue. The pink is nurturing, romantic and reassuring while the blue provides confidence and gravitas.

The brand board

Illuminate Skin Clinics brand board by Ditto Brand Stylists, Sevenoaks, Kent

Isn't this board so dreamy? I love everything on it: the beautiful subtle watercolour washes, the contrast of a chunky, clean sanserif font with a traditional serif font in the logo design and the beautiful script font (which will be used minimally for accents). We've crafted secondary logos for Illuminate which will work perfectly for social media profiles and for extra little touches where the full logo isn't appropriate.

I think the elements which really get me excited are the gorgeous patterns and images at the foot of the board. We've deliberately styled images featuring models who have that 'girl next door' appeal - they're not too primped or polished but are naturally beautiful. It makes the brand feel so much more approachable than using air-brushed glamazons would have - and that makes the brand true to Illuminate's values. SO important.

The sparkly bokeh patterns bring light and life to the brand, and the words: 'positively radiant', 'be beautiful, be you' sum up Illuminate's brand values to perfection.

We're just about to get to work on the printed collateral for Sophie's new business; I'll keep you posted!