Introducing: Colour Psychology

Introducing Colour Psychology: brand and logo design by Ditto, Sevenoaks, Kent I'm really excited to write this post! Mainly because I adore colour, but also because I think you'll love the theory behind colour psychology and how we apply it to our brand styling projects. It really allows us to transform a logo and brand design into something much more powerful which intuitively connects with the exact demographic that you want to work with. Ready to find out more?

Colour psychology is all to do with the way in which different colours affect our mood, behaviour and emotions. It's one of the most powerful elements of our branding process that influences the way your business is perceived.

We respond to colour in a very instinctive way, based on the colours that are represented in the natural world throughout the year. From the bright shoots, zingy colours and high energy of Spring to the dramatic silhouettes and cool, light shades of Winter, each season has it's own distinct colour palette and distinctly different characteristics. By carefully analysing their business values, we use colour psychology to ensure that our branding clients are being perceived in the right way and using colour that reinforces their brand messages. Think of colour psychology as the language of your brand and you'll realise that it's powerful stuff.

At Ditto, we love colour psychology because it allows us to answer a brief using solid rationale, rather than choosing one colour over another based on a hunch or because it simply looks good. In fact, colour psychology not only influences the colour palettes we build, but everything from the style of the fonts, pattern, texture and even paper finish that we select.

To give you an insight into the way we apply colour psychology to our branding process, I'm going to share more with you about the characteristics of the various seasons, and how you can use colour in your business to help connect with clients on a completely different level. You'll hopefully be able to identify with one of the seasons too, which will be really quite interesting!

Check back soon when I'll be introducing the season characteristics and colour psychology behind Spring.